Urban Tails is OPEN for delivery and curbside pickup! Due to COVID-19, we are not allowing customers to shop in-store. We ask that you place your orders online and we thank you so much for supporting our business during this crazy time! Delivery orders must meet a $30 minimum purchase.

About Us


Urban Tails
Pet Supply

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pet Supply Store 

How it began...

Barry and Colleen always wanted to do something that they were passionate about. With Barry's degree in Business and 20+ years in the pet industry, and Colleens background in retail management and extremely caring demeanor, a pet supply store seemed like a no brainer! In 2013, an opportunity to move into the best part of town came, and they took it and ran! A few years later, Urban Tails was, and still is, a staple in our community.

Barry & Colleen

Store Owners
The people who started it all! Colleen can be found on the sales floor helping people with her expertise, and Barry is the behind the scenes, fearless leader.

Betty & Veronica

Store Cats
Veronica is our customer service specialist, and Betty is our nap specialist.


With 10+ years of experience in the pet industry. Jess keeps our store afloat by organizing fun events and hiring amazing people! She has worked with all things fuzzy, feathery, and scaly, although she is a cat lady at heart. A cute pooch may be joing her household soon!


Megan came to us a few years ago with 10+ years of experience in the pet industry. She is the go to for ordering and all things technology related. Her pets include: fish, 2 cats, and an ever-growing collection of plants. Jess and Megan actually used to work with each other at another pet store!


Store Associate
When we hired Danielle, she was fresh out of an internship with wolves! We know dogs aren't wolves, but she knows a thing or two about pet nutrition. She has a cat named Bella, and 2 guinea pigs! Need a laugh? Talk to Danielle!


Store Associate
Kieran can be found singing, dancing, and doing his job of course! Which is to help all of the lovely people who walk into our store. We have yet to see Kieran unhappy with anything! Seriously, does he ever stop smiling? He has a cat named Bobby!


Store Associate
Grace is another one of our employees who is always smiling. She is our own ray of sunshine, here on weekends, to educate and brighten everyones' day! She has a cat named Georgie, he's a good boy!

Char Lee

Store Associate
Want someone who knows how to work their butt off? Well, too bad because we already have her! Char Lee can be found doing stop stock, helping customers, and much much more! Does she ever stop working? She has a dog named Taeya.


Store Associate
Bonnie is a cat lady...that's not all, but it is an important part of her personality. Her customer service skills are off the chart! She can make friends with almost anyone, and knows a heck of a lot about pets! Good thing we have her on staff! Bonnie is owned by 3 cats: Frankie, Sammy, and Olive.


Store Associate
Katie is the newest addition to the Urban Tails crew! Her bubbly personality is sure to get you in a good mood. Always happy to help and eager to learn, we think she will get along fine here! 


Delivery Driver
Sam started doing our deliveries in 2018, and he had big shoes to fill (Barry's). We are happy to announce that he does a fantastic job! His go-with-the flow attitude and general demeanor make him a perfect delivery driver!


Resident Turkey
Bernadette is a turkey (named by Megan) that has been seen around the block. Yes, we have called everyone possible to see if she could be relocated somewhere not in the middle of Lyndale, but unfortunately, she is a wild turkey that does what she wants, when she wants.