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Precious Cat

Dr. Elsey's Senior litter Silica 8lbs


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Dr. Elsey’s Senior Litter helps prevent bacterial contamination of the genital area because the litter absorbs urine odor and bacteria on contact, traps it inside the silica crystals, and wicks it away from the cat’s body. Will not stick to the cat’s long hair! No comparable formula sold in the pet channel.

Why is Senior™ / Post Surgery Litter important to Cat Owners?

All Cats on kidney diet foods (KD)(SO)should be using Senior litter.
All Post Surgery cats need a clean, dry, bacteria free litter to heal in.
All Older, Arthritic cats with joint and mobility issues- should use a low front litter box with a low litter depth.
Kidney failure is the number one cause of death in senior cats
12 million cats are overweight
Over 50% of the current estimates of 87 million domestic cats have joint pain issues
All of these Special Needs Cats should be using PRECIOUS CAT issue specific solution litters